About Me!

I’ve worked in the health and fitness industry all my working life, as a fitness instructor, personal trainer, aerobic studio manager and physical therapist.

As a child I was into swimming, athletics, ballet, Highland dancing and competed in Rhythmic gymnastics at national level.

My whole family have always been active and we ate pretty well too – we couldn’t afford takeaways back then and 1 bottle of fizzy juice (between 2 adults and 2 children) was a once a week or fortnightly treat.

And yet, over the last decade I’ve had a number of health issues. A little known GI parasitic infection – blastocystis hominus, mental health issues and literally, just a few months ago,
I had a heart attack and was diagnosed as having a rare type of heart attack
SCAD, Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection.

Would you credit it?
I am a walking talking medical marvel! 
Not just one but TWO rare/random/weird health issues – jeezo!

As my wonderful friend Sarah said only the other week:

“It really shouldn’t happen to a….
healthy person!”

Having experienced first hand, how patients with less than simple, or rare conditions are treated, I am now passionate about helping and encouraging everyone, to be able to advocate for themselves within their healthcare system.
Everyone should be able to receive the same level of compassion and care, irrespective of their gender, race and/or type of condition.

(Note: I say ‘level of care’ not ‘access to treatment’ because for some conditions there is no treatment available)

But to me, Care-givers should be listening to and hearing the patient with a level of compassionate respect, that is due to all humans. 
Sadly, that’s not always the case.

With my brand new health issue, SCAD, mostly affecting midlife females, who are often incorrectly diagnosed and treated, I just HAD to get on with this blog now didn’t I?!

Why call it Daisies & Diamonds?

I love daisies. I have such happy memories of sunny days in the garden as a child, making daisy chains.
I didn’t realise until recently that they have a long, traditional history of wound healing. In fact one of their names used to be bruisewort.

Seemed very approps for a ‘help with healing’ blog!  

And Diamonds?

The more adversity these carbon molecules experience, the brighter they shine and the stronger they become.
Being able to advocate for yourself when you are feeling poorly is difficult.
If your condition is rare, or not deemed ‘important enough’ to warrant investigation, if it is not ‘treatable’ within the parameters of Western compartmentalised healthcare systems, you are going to need grit, determination and sheer bloody-mindedness to overcome adversity and shine brightly again.

Just like the carbon molecules.

About Him!

But it’s not all about Moi!

My partner – Big Tall Baldy Guy, is not only my partner, but IT guy and chef too! 
Oh, if only I’d known him whilst suffering from Blastocystis Hominus! He’s an amazing cook so I’m sure he would’ve found a way to improve the taste of the (hellish) soluble oat drink that I was reduced to existing on, before beginning my recovery.

(We’ll be posting some of his amazing dairy free and gluten recipes in due course)

Plus, his IT knowledge is the only reason that both my work Massage website – www.jillmclagganmassage.com
AND this ‘ere Blog website are up…

I would’ve thrown the towel in months ago, if I’d had to build a website on my own!
So not my skill-set, in any way!

We both enjoy staying healthy;
Running (I stick to 5k, he’s an Ultra runner)
Gym (I love it, he hates it)
Being outdoors (we both love that)
I also get my kicks fire-eating (I LOVE it, he hates watching me)
We also enjoy going to gigs, enjoying lazy Sundays and drinking and dancing into the wee small hours. 
Just not e-v-e-r-y night!

My blogs are written with a healthy dose of realism, candour and humour, supporting you to
Become Your Best Healthcare Advocate.
I hope that you find them useful.